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Student Must Know Info

OPtional Time Activities - You have the right to make decisions as to how you will wisely use your optional time (OPTA). You have the responsibility to use this time judiciously. No one is allowed to leave the building during their school day, including seniors. Students are only allowed to leave the building once their school day has ended. 
Students can spend your OPTAs in one of the designated areas: the library in Room 224, the newly re-purposed student suite in 285 where you can learn about student activities, participate in student groups, the lunchroom, or you can work in an office, participate in a club activity, attend a resource center, take courses in Independent Study, or get tutoring.

You have the responsibility to behave appropriately in the building at all times. You are required to remain in the school building during your Optional Time. If you are outside of the school building during the school day, you place yourself at risk of harm since you can no longer be safely supervised by school authorities. You also risk an encounter with police assigned to truancy patrols. Kolbert Park is off limits during school hours as per the NYPD - 70th Precinct. Students must carry their program card and ID to prove they have been dismissed from school. Students who leave and re-enter the building during the school day will be disciplined, ranging from an official warning to detention to suspension for repeated infractions.

Identification Cards
You are responsible for carrying your program card and your photo identification card with you at all times, and must pass the ID card through a scanner to be admitted to school each day. In addition, you must show your ID and/or program to any school official when asked. Your program card and photo ID card must be shown to obtain entrance to the library, cafeteria or 285 suite during an OPTA. If you lose your ID card, you need to request a replacement in Room 103.A temporary ID or program card will be issued pending the issuance of a permanent replacement. You are responsible for keeping your temporary ID and/or program with you the entire school day.
Illness In School
If you become ill in school, you must report to the infirmary, Room 299, with a note from a classroom teacher. It is important for the school to have up-to-date information about where the school can contact your parent/guardian when necessary. Make sure you know the telephone number of your parent's or guardian's job. An official dismissal pass will be given to you if your parent approves. Your parent will be contacted (unless you are 18 years old or older, and can sign yourself out). Your parent will have to consent for you to be released from school on your own; otherwise, a parent or authorized person must pick you up.  Upon your return to school you are to show the official pass to your subject class teachers. This will notify them that you were not cutting their classes. Then return the signed pass to the attendance office, room 127. If you leave without a pass, the classes you miss are considered cut.

Arrival in School
Entrance to School - At 7:30 AM, three entrances are open: East 17th Street,  Avenue L and Exit 5 on Chestnut Avenue (nearest the school parking lot). You must swipe your ID card at the scanning computer when you enter. If you forget your photo ID card, you can get a temporary ID at the designated temporary ID line at any of these entrances. Please keep that temporary ID with you for the remainder of the school day. Any person found in the building without proper ID as a Murrow community member is subject to disciplinary action, as are students who persistently fail to bring their ID cards to school.  
NOTE: NYPD conducts daily truancy sweeps. Students may be brought to track centers where parental contact is made for pick-up or returned to the school, where guidance counselors will contact parents. (Youth referrals are issued by the NYPD).

Lateness to School

If you are less than 25 minutes late (at or before 8:20 AM) just go promptly to your classroom where the subject teacher will mark you late. After 8:30 AM you may only enter the building through the East 17th Street entrance. 

Lateness to Class 

You are allowed approximately three minutes to travel from one subject class to another. Lateness to class disrupts instruction and will have an adverse affect on your classwork and overall achievement in the subject.

Hallway Lockers - All students are permitted to have a hall locker based on availability. New hallway lockers were installed in the summer of 2021, however, there are not enough lockers in the school for all students, so lockers must be shared. Registration will begin in the Fall of 2021. The COSAs’ office handles all hallway locker registrations.  Freshmen do not get lockers, except in very unusual or special circumstances.  The school will issue a combination lock for each hallway locker. Only this lock can be used.  If you have a broken locker, report this to Room 103 to have it repaired by the custodial staff. Report theft or locker break-ins in Room 103.

Classroom lockers are not available or authorized for students.

Locker Room Lockers

You are authorized to use a gym locker ONLY during your Physical Education band. Locker rooms are open 10 minutes at the beginning and end of each band. Only students enrolled in physical education classes may use these lockers. To completely safeguard your possessions, use a Murrow approved lock (for sale in Room 103) and do not share the combination with anyone else. Lockers are the property of the school and can be searched without permission if there is reasonable suspicion that contraband is inside. When you use your locker, be aware of others who are around who can see your combination. You must double check the security of the lock before you leave the locker.

Lost and Found
If you find a lost item, please return it to the Lost and Found in Room 106 immediately. Your assistance is greatly appreciated in returning lost items to their rightful owner. Students who lose items of clothing or other materials should check in this room to see if the items were returned to school authorities. Report lost items in room 103.

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