Graduation/Promotion Requirements breakdown: Juniors

Graduation/Promotion Requirements breakdown: Juniors
11/14/2022, 6:00 PM 8:00 PM
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Graduation/Promotion Requirements breakdown: Juniors

-How does a student earn a credit?
-How many credits are needed to be promoted to each grade/for graduation from high school?
-How do semesters work?
-What are regents? How many do you need to pass to meet graduation requirements?
-What happens if you fail a class? How do you make it up?
-What is a transcript? How do we read it?
We will be going over all of these questions in detail so you can be completely informed about the NYC High School Promotion/Graduation requirements and how to best help your child navigate their high school academic experience. Each grade workshop will focus on each grade's specific promotion criteria and what is needed for ultimate graduation.
Navigating and understanding attendance data

What is the difference between period attendance and daily attendance?

Why am I receiving calls from the school?

Why am I not receiving calls from the school? (does Murrow have my current

contact information?

How can communication between the school and I improve?

Who is my child’s school counselor? (where do I get that information?)

Who do I inform if my child is out sick with COVID or for extended time?

Who are my child’s teachers? (How do I contact them?)

Navigating and understanding my child’s report card

When are report cards issued?

What do the letters and numbers on the report card mean?

What steps can be taken to improve my child’s academic standing?

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