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Student Rights and Responsibilities

Murrow Community Rights and Responsibilities


Every student in a NYCDOE school has rights and responsibilities as a member of the NYC public school community (


The Murrow Restorative Practice Action Team has developed a list of rights and responsibilities that, while they are aligned with the NYCDOE list, contains principles that are fundamental to a safe and supportive community.



All members of the Murrow community have the right to...

All members of the Murrow community have a responsibility to...

A safe and supportive learning environment

refrain from behavior that is aggressive, disrespectful, harassing or shaming

Be free from discrimination, harassment, racism & bigotry

Invest time in becoming aware of and resolving unconscious biases and treat others with respect pride and dignity

Receive supports in the school environment for social-emotional development

Respect and support each individual’s path and goals without judgement



Everyone in the Murrow community has the right to...

Everyone in the Murrow community has a responsibility to...

An engaging and supportive learning environment

Participate in and cultivate a supportive learning environment

Discover the learning/teaching style that best suits them (reword)

Be open to different methods/styles of learning/teaching

Participate in activities offered at the school including clubs, sports, social-emotional and academic initiatives

Maintain decorum

All Students Have a Right to

All Students Have a Responsibility to

Students have the right to be notified of any danger of academic failure; Right to appeal failing grades.

Track performance, communicate with guidance counselors and engage in self advocacy

Be informed and updated about graduation requirements, grading criteria and academic progress (review academic records upon request)

Participate in their own education by staying updated and checking on their progress regularly

Remain in school until the year ending in their 21st birthday

Seek alternative paths to graduate should they no longer be satisfied at their current school



All members of the Murrow community have the right to...

All members of the Murrow community have a responsibility to...

Transparency from peers and administration

Value honesty and engage honestly in the community

Freedom of thought

Acknowledge that their expression can impact others* and understanding there may be consequences for their expression**

Have their personal space and property  respected within the shared community

Respect the shared community, and that each person is entitled to their personal space and property

Be informed and given access to the Citywide Behavioral Expectations

Understand and acknowledge the importance of expectations for the entire community

Confidentiality of academic and disciplinary records

Not violate the confidentiality of others

Be informed of the steps of progressive discipline and participate in all disciplinary meetings concerning their behavior

Be accountable for their behavior; use non-confrontational ways to handle conflict; ask for help when they need it!

Be involved in the direction of the school and participate in the surrounding community

Respect that Murrow is one institution in the larger community, and conduct oneself accordingly

Help keep the community safe

Offer help to others when needed

Have their time and effort respected

Be on time to school and class


*School staff have regulations regarding their expression


**Students and staff do not shed freedom of expression at school. However, staff and students cannot use lewd expression, disrupt the learning environment, or infringe on the rights of others through their expression.