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Seniors....SAVE THE DATE!!!
Hello Senior Families!! For those who were not able to make our Senior Fall Workshops or simply would like to review the presentations, please see the attachments below. Any questions, please contact the College & Career Office.
College Prep Checklist
Senior Year - Semester 1
  • Meet with your guidance counselor to make sure you are on track for graduation. Check if you are missing classes or credits required by schools you're applying to. Plan to work really hard this term, because your first semester (mid- year) grades will be included for review.
  • Did you meet with Ms. Salowitz-Allone, Ms. Pantelatos or Ms. Alter to discuss your college options yet? If not, please come to the College and Career Office.
  • To see if you are eligible for fee waivers, please complete the Family Income Inquiry Form (Lunch Form.)
  • Solidify your list of college choices and add each college you are applying to on Naviance under "Colleges I am Applying to."
  • If you need your Naviance reset, please email [email protected] or stop by the College and Career Office.
  • Did you request letters of recommendations on Naviance? Remember to speak to your teachers in person first.
  • Work on your college essay.
  • Register for the SAT/ACT at or For Early Action/Early Decision the latest to take the SAT/ACT would be October. For Regular Decision the latest to take the SAT/ACT would be December, to be included for college applications.
  • January Graduates applying for Spring Admissions must complete the CUNY application by September 15, 2023. All other colleges, check their website for Spring 2023 admission deadlines.
  • Early Decision or Early Action candidates must notify Ms. Salowitz-Allone or Ms. Pantelatos by September 29, 2023, the latest. A form must be filled out, which can be picked up in the College and Career office.
  • If applying to private schools, check to see if the school requires the CSS Profile. Visit for further information.
  • Start working on your college applications online:
    • Create an account with CUNY at
    • Create an account with SUNY at
    • Create an account with the Common Application at for use of applying to most private colleges and out of state colleges.
  • Begin listing your college choices in Naviance under "Colleges I'm Applying To"
  • If you are using the Common App application please match your Naviance with your Common App account and sign the FERPA Privacy Waiver on Common App.
  • Check the College and Career Office Google Classroom for free scholarships, as well as Fastweb, Scholly and
  • Finalize your college essay.
  • Contact an admissions counselor of the school you wish to attend. Colleges want to know how much you want them. However, don't be overly aggressive!
  • Have you sent your test scores through the testing agency? SAT:; ACT:
  • Complete the CSS Profile (if needed.)
  • Finalize your college list on Naviance by November 22, 2023. This will allow the College and Career Office time to prepare your supporting documents as you complete your part of the application through December.
  • FAFSA/TAP applications will open in December. Start to create your FAFSA ID. Your parents/guardians will also need to create an account. If you are unsure if you are eligible for FAFSA/TAP, please stop by the College and Career Office.
  • PAY ATTENTION TO DEADLINES! The College and Career Office encourages you to finalize all online applications by December 1, 2023 - December 31, 2023. This will increase your chances of acceptance to a particular major program, financial aid, scholarship and housing.
Senior Year - Semester 2
  • Review your Student Aid Report (SAR), which is generated from the FAFSA.
  • Finalize any last minute college applications by the beginning of the month.
  • As you receive your college admissions decisions and scholarship awards/offers, please make sure to hold on to the letters. The College and Career Office requires a copy of these documents.
  • Colleges, if they have not already done so, will notify you of their decisions. Evaluate your financial aid package with the cost of attendance. Contact the Financial Aid Office at the college with questions.
  • Determine the college you plan to attend and send a deposit by May 1, 2023 (National Deposit Day). The College and Career Office will require a receipt of your deposit.
  • Submit all letters of acceptance and rejection to the College and Career Office. Notify the College and Career Office of your final college decision.
  • Fill out the Post Graduation Survey provided by the College and Career Office.
Congratulations! You're off to College!
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