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In his office, Edward R. Murrow displayed a statement by Henry David Thoreau which said: "It takes two to speak the  truth - one to speak and the other to hear."
This idea represents a common thread in all of the courses listed below. They encompass a wide range of interests and materials, yet they are all centered around a theme of communication.  The improvement of your ability to think critically and communicate effectively through the written and spoken word is the primary aim of this department.

Required Courses
  1. Every student must successfully complete a minimum of eight (8) consecutive semesters of Communications Arts for graduation.
  2. Students who need special help in the improvement of basic skills in reading, writing or speaking may be required to take Academy courses that are linked with Social Studies.
Once students have successfully completed their 9th grade English course, students have the ability to choose different themed courses that speak to their interests. The Communication Arts department has 3 different types of courses:
  1. Literature
  2. Writing
  3. Theater
All of our courses focus on teaching and learning the same skills, but with a different genre focus.

Regents Requirements
All students are required to take and pass the Common Core ELA Regents to graduate. All of our 9th, 10th, and 11th grade courses are aligned to the skills necessary to be successful on the Common Core ELA Regents. We also provide Regents tutoring every semester and extra-help as needed.

Common Core Skills
All of the courses offered through the English department are aligned to the Common Core State Standards and fulfill the following requirements:
  1. Reading - a balance of literature and informational texts to reflect college- and career-ready expectations.  There is also a greater focus on text complexity and at what level students should be reading.
  2. Writing - a strong emphasis on argument and informative/ explanatory writing, along with an emphasis on writing about sources or using evidence to inform an argument.
  3. Speaking and Listening - a focus on formal and informal talk, which can be done through presentations and group work
The overall purpose of aligning to the Common Core is to give students a set of tools to think critically, evaluate their readings, and formulate cohesive arguments and opinions.

For more specific information on the Common Core Standards for ELA please click below:
Below are the courses offered in the Communications Arts Department. For a more comprehensive description of each course, please click below:
9th Grade

Introduction to Literature and Composition 1
Theater Classics 1*


Introduction to Literature and Composition 2
Theater Classics 2*
10th Grade

Humanities 1
Western World Lit. 1
Holocaust Literature
Dramatic Lit & Acting 1
Art of Writing 2*


Humanities 2 
Western World Lit 2 
Human Rights Violations 
Advanced Acting  
Art of Writing 2* 
11th Grade

Junior AP English 1*  
American Literature
Psychology in Literature 
New York Literature
Poetry (Creative Writing)*


Junior AP English 2 *
American Multicultural Lit
Advanced Playwriting
Lit. of Youth and Identity
Detective and Mystery Fiction
12th Grade

Contemporary Lit. 1 
Women in Literature  
Memoir & Fiction Writing  
Black Literature
Directing & Script Analysis 
Literature and Society 1 


Sr AP English 2 
Contemporary Lit. 2
Science Fiction & Fact  
Latino Literature
Ensemble Theater 
Literature and Society 2


News Production 1* 
Introduction to Film 
Yearbook 1 (Snrs)* 
Improv & Comedy
Exploring Social Media 


 News Production 2 * 
Studies in Film
Yearbook 2 (Snrs)*
Improv & Comedy
Exploring Social Media