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Administrative Offices

​If you need help you can obtain it at the following rooms/extensions:
Please call (718) 258-9283 and dial the appropriate extension:
Principal Room 108 (ext 1080)
Mr. Allen Barge, Principal
[email protected]

Parent Coordinator Room 109 (ext 1090)

Assistant Principal, Adm., Organization Room 104 (ext 1060)
Ms. Christine Ingordo, APO
[email protected]

Assistant Principal, Adm., Guidance Room 120 (ext 1200)
Ms. Boodram, AP (IA)
[email protected]
Guidance Counselors Suite: Room 124 (ext 1240)

Assistant Principal, Adm., Computer & Prog. Srvc. Room 143 (ext 1430)
Mr. Martin McCormack, AP
[email protected] 

Special Education Guidance Counselor for Programming Room 123 (ext 1230)
Ms. Dawn Hadley, AP
[email protected]

Assistant Principal, Security Room 103 (ext 1030)
Ms. Tamar Sinclair, AP
[email protected]

Assistant Principal of Departmental Supervision:

Mathematics Room 321 (ext 3210)
Ms. Huda Sami, AP
[email protected]
Fine Arts/Technology Room 440 (ext 4400) & Business Education Room 476 (ext 4400)
Ms. Spy Kontarinis, AP
[email protected]
Communication Arts Room 227 (ext 2600)
Ms. Gayle Zeitlin, AP
[email protected]
Foreign Language Room 244 (ext 2440)
Ms. Angela Gramegna, AP
[email protected]
Music Room A-19 (ext 5191)
Ms. Candis Pohl
[email protected]
Physical Education Room 192 (ext 1920)
Ms. Natalie DeSanctis, AP
[email protected]
Science Room 385 (ext 3850)
Mr. Carlos Reyes, AP
[email protected]
Social Studies Room 327 (ext 3270)
Mr. Ryan Mills, AP
[email protected]

Attendance Office Room 127 (ext 1270)
Library Room 224 (ext 2240)
Transportation and Lunch Passes Room 206 (ext 2060)
Elizabeth Vasta
[email protected]


College Office Room 145 (ext 1450)
Ms. Tara Salowitz Allone, College Guidance Counselor/Advisor
[email protected]
Co-op Education, Job Placement Room 401 (ext 4010)
C.O.S.A. & Student Gov't & Senior Activities Room 158 (ext 1581 or 1580)
Melanie Gancitano
[email protected]
Stephanie Gianneo

Treasurer, Senior Dues Room 150 (ext 1500)
Beth Flash
[email protected]
Infirmary Room 121 (ext 1210)
Deans Room 103 (ext 1030)