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Administrative Offices

​If you need help you can obtain it at the following rooms/extensions:
Please call (718) 258-9283 and dial the appropriate extension:
Principal Room 108 (ext 1080)
Mr. Allen Barge, Principal
[email protected]

Parent Coordinator Room 109 (ext 1090)
Mr. Jose Rodriguez
[email protected] 
Assistant Principal, Adm., Organization Room 104 (ext 1060)
Ms. Christine Ingordo, APO
[email protected]

Assistant Principal, Adm., Guidance Room 120 (ext 1200)
Ms. Kasha Boodram, AP
[email protected]
Guidance Counselors Suite: Room 124 (ext 1240)

Assistant Principal, Adm., Computer & Prog. Srvc. Room 143 (ext 1430)
Mr. Martin McCormack, AP
[email protected] 

Assistant Principal, Adm, Special Education Room 128 (ext 1280)
Ms. Dawn Hadley, AP
[email protected]

Assistant Principal, Security Room 103 (ext 1030)
Ms. Tamar Sinclair, AP
[email protected]

Assistant Principal of Departmental Supervision:

Mathematics Room 321 (ext 3210)
Ms. Huda Sami, AP
[email protected]
Fine Arts/Technology Room 440 (ext 4400) & Business Education Room 476 (ext 4400)
Ms. Spy Kontarinis, AP
[email protected]
Communication Arts Room 227 (ext 2600)
Ms. Gayle Zeitlin, AP
[email protected]
Foreign Language Room 244 (ext 2440)
Ms. Angela Gramegna, AP
[email protected]
Music Room A-19 (ext 5191)
Ms. Candis Pohl, AP
[email protected]
Physical Education Room 192 (ext 1920)
Ms. Natalie DeSanctis, AP
[email protected]
Science Room 385 (ext 3850)
Mr. Carlos Reyes, AP
[email protected]
Social Studies Room 327 (ext 3270)
Mr. Ryan Mills, AP
[email protected]

Attendance Office Room 127 (ext 1270)
Library Room 224 (ext 2240)
Transportation and Lunch Passes Room 206 (ext 2060)


College Office Room 145 (ext 1450)
Ms. Tara Salowitz Allone, College Guidance Counselor/Advisor
[email protected]
Vasiliki Pantelatos, College Guidance Counselor/Advisor

Co-op Education, Job Placement Room 401 (ext 4010)
C.O.S.A. & Student Gov't & Senior Activities Room 158 (ext 1581 or 1580)
Melanie Gancitano
[email protected]
Stephanie Gianneo

Treasurer, Senior Dues Room 150 (ext 1500)
Beth Flash
[email protected]
Infirmary Room 121 (ext 1210)
Deans Room 103 (ext 1030)