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Additional Supports

Ashleigh Andersen, LMSW

Ashleigh Andersen, LMSW is a RAPP Coordinator at Day One. During the academic year she implements the Relationship Abuse Prevention Program at Edward R. Murrow High School, which includes: trauma- informed counseling, educational workshops for students, parents and staff, and the development of a peer leadership program to promote healthy relationships in the school community. In the summer months, Ashleigh plans and facilitates an intensive peer leadership training program where young people gain knowledge and skills to be supportive peers and agents of social change in the movement to end intimate partner violence.
Prior to this role, she worked as the Intervention Coordinator at the NYC Alliance Against Sexual Assault and as a case manager at a domestic violence shelter. She also has experience as a social work intern at Brooklyn Defender Services Immigration Practice and Day One while receiving her Masters of Social Work from Hunter College, Silberman School of Social Work. She has used the last several years of working with survivors of GBV, SV, and IPV to develop a strength-based, anti-oppression, and intersectional approach that continues to inform her prevention and intervention advocacy.

 LaTasha S. Barrow, LMSW

My name is LaTasha Barrow, and I am a Caribbean- American licensed social worker.  I have worked in the field of social services for over 15 years as a domestic violence counselor, child welfare worker and case associate for the Jewish Board. I worked in a program for teens with co-occurring disorders until I graduated from Fordham University in 2016 with my Master’s degree in Social Work.  Currently, I work with the Jewish Board as a psychotherapist providing outpatient mental health services for children, adults, and families, but I especially enjoy working with adolescents.
At the Jewish Board, I work at the Seymour Askin Clinic and off site at both Edward R. Murrow and John Dewey high schools, providing clients with weekly individual therapy, family therapy and collateral, as well as co-lead lead a teen group.  Based on client need, psychiatric care and group therapy is available.  At Edward R. Murrow High school, I provide the above detailed services for students who are referred for treatment.  I work with clients who are struggling with depression, anxiety, substance abuse, ADHD, Oppositional Defiance Disorder (ODD), family conflict, decline in academic performance and a host of other diagnoses and symptoms.  We utilize a client center approach utilizing different models to treat symptoms presented. I am particularly trained to work utilizing TF-CBT, CBT, and Motivational Interviewing models. 
If you feel that you or your child is in need of help, please see guidance counselor for referral information.

 Thelma Lyle BSC, HS-BCP

Thelma Lyle BSc, HS-BCP Human Service Board certified Practitioner. SAPIS Counselor’s mission is to enhance critical life skills in order to prevent and reduce any incidents of students who may contemplate, experiment, and use/ or abuse ANY unhealthy Substances. SAPIS Counselor delivers state approved evidence- base curriculum in classroom setting, as well as, individual counseling surrounding social and emotional problems. 

 Katelyn Necastro, LCSW, MA

Katelyn Necastro is a social worker for Brooklyn Center for Psychotherapy program which provides in-school mental health counseling for Edward R. Murrow students. Katelyn provides support for students struggling with various challenges which may include stress management, identity formation, suicidality, anxiety, depression, and interpersonal relationship skills. She obtained a dual masters in Social Work and Child Development from Sarah Lawrence College and New York University. Through her professional experience thus far she has developed a relational and strengths-based approach to counseling which places value on building trusting, supportive relationships with students. Brooklyn Center for Psychotherapy provides individual and classroom level support and is able to assist students and families that may seek additional services outside of the school building.

 Fatima Walker, LCSW

My name is Fatima Walker and I have worked in the field of Social Work for the past 15 years. My experience spans case management, juvenile justice, crisis intervention, young women’s leadership, psychoeducation for parents, individual and group therapy for teens, professional development for education professionals and clinical approaches for teens in psychotherapy.

I have worked with adolescents struggling with depression, ADHD, suicidality, psychiatric conditions, school anxiety, LGBTQ and transgender students, self-esteem issues, low school performance, family conflict and much more.

As a part of the School Assessment Team, I provide clinical recommendations and interventions for students to enhance their overall high school experience. I also provide counseling services, crisis intervention and general clinical support to parents, students and staff at Edward R. Murrow High School.


Ms. MendelsonDana Mendelson, LCSW MA

Hi! My name is Dana Mendelson and I’m a social worker from Brooklyn Center for Psychotherapy Counseling Program. Our program provides mental health counseling services for students at Murrow! We help students navigate interpersonal relationships, suicidality, anxiety/depression, identity formation, family dynamics, and stress management. I hope to motivate students to reach their true potential and promote a safe and comfortable atmosphere at school. I look forward to meeting you! Brooklyn Center for Psychotherapy provides individual and classroom level support and is able to assist students and families that may seek additional services outside of the school building.