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Edward R. Murrow Science Department
Mr. Carlos Reyes
A.P. Science --Department
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The Science Department aims to prepare students to be lifelong learners and global citizens. Our courses will train you to be "College Ready, Career Ready and Life Ready." Our courses are constantly growing to include classes in the all available STREAM fields - (Science, Technology, Research, Engineering, Arts, and Math). Through our partnerships students can participate in internships and practice the concepts that they have learned.  
Required Courses: 
Students are required to complete 3 years (six semesters) of science coursework to graduate from high school. The requirements include 2 credits in any life science, 2 credits in physical science and 2 additional credits in life science or physical science. 
Regents Requirements: Every student additionally must pass any science Regents exam to complete the requirements for graduation. There are four science Regents exams that are offered. One life science - Living Environment Regents, three physical science Regents - Chemistry, Earth Science and Physics.
Advanced Regents Diploma: Students must pass both their life science Regents exam and a physical science Regents exam. 
Next Generation Science Standard Skills:
Upon completion of the science program, students will demonstrate mastery in terms of scientific and engineering practices and skills as outlined by the NGSS. The students will demonstrate ability to think critically and demonstrate scientific inquiry through engagement and practice. This will further their knowledge and expand on their scientific inquiry and critical thinking to be applicable in the natural world. 
Science Mission Statement: 
In alignment with the New York State Department of Education's Learning Standards for Science and the Next Generation Science Standards the mission of the Science Department of Edward R. Murrow High School is: 
To create and implement curriculum that will prepare all of our students to be responsible citizens in a dynamic and complex world. Our curriculum provides students the foundations to comprehend core concepts of this world using scientific and engineering practices. The multi-disciplinary approach in our curriculum- based around the Next Generation Science Standards, encourages our students, promotes curiosity and builds content knowledge along with core science practices to develop scientifically literate global citizens. 
Opportunities for Experiential Learning:
Murrow Science has some of the most innovative facilities. We are one of two schools with a state of art planetarium. We also have other unique facilities that will help promote experiential learning. 


Marine Science Laboratory
Aquaponics Systems
Marine Science lab
Aquaponics System
Hydroponics Systems
Level 1: Bio Research Laboratory
Engineering Laboratory
Hydroponics Systems
Bio Research Lab
Robotics Kids During club
Computer Laboratory
Computer Lab


BEAUTIFUL EARTH in Edward R Murrow High School
In collaboration with NASA and BELLA GAIA, Edward R Murrow students took part in an unforgettable experience. The program included a BELLA GAIA performance and 9 hands-on activity stations curated by NASA including an Augmented Reality experience.
Click here to visit there website
Here is a video for the experience.