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Dean's Office

To enhance the safety of everyone at Murrow HS, each exit door has been installed with an alarm. Only the main entrance (East 17th Street) is to be used during the school day. We will continue to open certain exits during student entry and dismissal and the Avenue L entrance will also be open during the day for students to use to go to physical education classes outside. Please remind your children to only use authorized doors during the school day.
Each door with an alarm has a sign on it indicating that it is for emergency use only, and doors that are authorized during entry and dismissal have signs on them indicating what times they are in use. Thank you for your cooperation helping to keep all of our children and staff safe. If you have any questions, please call the Dean's Office at (718) 258-9283 Ext 1030.


We ask that you please review the Digital Device Policy (PDF below) with your child and discuss the importance of using digital devices, including cell phones, computing devices, as well as music and entertainment systems responsibly.


Please read the following: