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Junior Families - SAVE THE DATE!
Fall - Semester 1
  • Get serious about your schoolwork. Your junior year grades are extremely important in the college admissions process, as is the rigor of your coursework.
  • Explore Naviance: take self-discovery quizzes, explore careers and research colleges.
  • Get involved: Commitment to service is an essential part of the college process. Colleges are looking for students who think outside the academic realm and dedicate their spare time to meaningful activities within school and in the community.
  • Open dialog with your parents/guardians regarding the college and financial process and their limitations on your choices.
  • Communication is a very important part of the college process. Continue to check your google classroom, emails, Naviance, and the school website with up to date information. 
Spring - Semester 2
  •  Appointments with Ms. Salowitz-Allone, Ms. Pantelatos and Ms. Alter will begin around January. They will be posted on the google classroom and outside the College and Career Office.
  • Research Colleges: Keep in mind the characteristics of a college that are important: size, location, total cost of attendance, academic rigor, majors, social environment and diversity. Strive for a balance academically and socially. On Naviance, you will be able to research colleges. Strive for at least (3) safety choices, (2) match choices, and (2) reach choices. It is important to have a realistic view of where your academic and social credentials will take you.
  • Don't stress over your intended major. College is about finding yourself. You are given the opportunity to explore your options and try new things. Remember, you DO NOT have to declare a major until the end of your sophomore year of college. You will have plenty of time to make this decision.
  • Register for the SAT/ACT: The College and Career Office recommends students to take 2 SATs and 1 ACT. You should consider registering for the May or June SAT at Additionally, students should consider the June ACT, visit 
  • If on an AP track, take the AP exams, which will give you a chance to earn college credit.
  • To see if you are eligible for fee waivers, please complete the Family Income Inquiry Form (Lunch Form)
  • Throughout the semester and in the summer, make sure you are visiting college campuses and attending college fairs. This will allow you to build demonstrated interest.
  • Your Brag Sheet will be available on Naviance to complete in January. The Brag Sheet is important to complete before your one on one appointment with someone in the College and Career Office. It will be used to write your counselor letter of recommendation if your college requires it.
  • Request one letter of recommendation from an English or Social Studies teacher one letter of recommendation from a Math or Science teacher. Students that are in a specialized program (Art, Music, Theater, etc) and are interested in pursuing (Art, Music, Theater, etc) in college are allowed to receive a third letter of recommendation from a teacher in that specific field.
  • Apply for summer internships, volunteer programs, and employment opportunities.
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