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A one semester course which will offer some if not all of the following: basics of painting by creating two dimensional designs using line, color, shape, texture, and pattern.  Emphasis is on the principles of design, color theory, and basic painting skills using a variety of media. (this satisfies one credit for graduation requirements in art)
Basics of perspective drawing, analyzing designs.  Students may also explore the basics of drawing, anatomy, ratio and proportion, storytelling, comic strip development, caricature, and the art of story boards. 


Students will be introduced to the world of fashion by developing an original "croqui" fashion figure and learning how clothing is constructed. Various collars, necklines, sleeves and skirt styles will be explored as students develop a seasonal line of clothing. Final sketches will be rendered using professional markers. A fashion "diary" will be kept during all four cycles.  As students progress, they will develop lines of clothing including evening and casual wear. Primary research of historical garments will be used as a source of inspiration. Various media such as colored pencils and watercolor paints will be used to render finished designs. The work of past and current designers will be explored as well.  Students will also design a line of accessories and will create an actual shoe or bag based on their design. (Elective)


Students will be exposed to a variety of forms of animation. Through hands on projects, students will experience the production of different forms and techniques of animation, including, traditional Frame-by-Frame Animation, 2d computer software animation, Adobe Flash, Stop Motion/Claymation. Students will also be looking at an overview of the technical and historical evolution of animation to help you understand and appreciate the art as well as give you a foundation for pursuing animation as a career.


The following classes are only for screened students or students who have been approved:
(Screened Art Freshmen/Permission Only)
Learn to observe and draw the world around you using a variety of graphic media such as pencil, ink, charcoal, wash, etc. This course includes observation and practical techniques that will improve your proportions, representation of form, and composition. Advanced drawing assignments include the application of color theory, interpretation of subject matter, and development of individual style using media such as colored pencils, pastel and/or watercolor. During the second half of the year, students will learn about Graphic Design. Graphic Design teaches students to communicate an idea through the use of visual symbols. Students solve design problems using positive/negative space, balance, repetition, proportion, emphasis and movement.
(Screened Art Sophomores/Permission Only. OFFERED 1st SEMESTER)
Students will learn the proportions, gestures, anatomy, and form of the human figure as they work from a model in a variety of black and white media such as pencil, charcoal, conte crayon and ink.
(Screened Art Sophomores/Permission Only. OFFERED 2nd SEMESTER) 
Students will create 3 dimensional pieces in clay. Sculpture techniques such as coiling, slipping, casting and molding will be covered. students will be using all tools and materials associated with clay.
(Screened Art Juniors/Permission Only) 
Students will explore acrylic, oil or watercolor painting techniques while working on a still life. They will continue their painting explorations while painting a variety of subject matter in a variety of sizes and surfaces. Students are encouraged to build on their strengths and work independently as well as in class. 
(Screened Art Juniors/Permission Only)
Students will work in a self made sketch book which will contain concepts and ideas on a variety of projects in a variety of media. In addition, the sketch book will serve as a spring board for the students to begin to assemble their portfolios for college admission. Open only to juniors who have completed a minimum of 2 years of art courses, or by permission of the Assistant Principal/Fine Arts. 
(Screened Art Seniors/Permission Only OFFERED FIRST SEMESTER)
Students will work on a variety of projects in different media in order to assemble a portfolio for admission into an art college or for one's own personal satisfaction. Each student's strengths and weaknesses will be assessed with the goal of developing a well rounded portfolio showing numerous skills. Students will learn the process of photographing for portfolio, matting art work, presentations and interview skills. Students will work one on one for the art college selection process as well as scholarship possibilities. Open only to juniors or seniors who have completed a minimum of two years of art courses or by permission of the Assistant Principal/Fine Arts. Offered during first semester ONLY. 
(Screened Art Seniors/Permission Only OFFERED SECOND SEMESTER) 
After a two (2) week introduction to the world of art, students will explore the history of art from prehistoric times through early Christian and Byzantine Art. During the second half of the class, Middle Ages through the art of the 19th century is covered. The course includes at least one museum trip, films, and powerpoint presentations. This is not a hands-on course and there is no prerequisite, however you will need permission from the A.P. of art, unless you are a screened senior. This course is required for students taking the 3 year comprehensive exam in art.