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Our various science programs allows students to learn advanced scientific concepts and research techniques.  Our students have the opportunity to complete up to 7 years of science credit.  Students may take courses in research, technical writing, medical sciences, and five different advanced placement courses.
Murrow Med Program

This is an honors science program designed for those students interested in careers related to medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, psychiatry, veterinary medicine or pure research. Graduates of this program must complete a minimum of six years of science study at Murrow. Within this six year sequence, students must take Living Environment, Chemistry & Physics, one year of advanced placement science, two semesters of Murrow Med electives, and one additional year that must be either Earth Science, a second AP course or additional electives. Prior to graduation, students must file a Murrow Med certification form with the Science Department to verify completion of the above requirements. Students will be eligible for special awards at graduation. Please click on this link for more information.
Murrow Science Technology and Research (MSTAR)

This program is designed for students who are interested in the Murrow Med program but would like to major in Science Research. Students who are part of the MSTAR program will complete the full Murrow Med program but take Science Research as their concentration of electives. Each student in the MSTAR program will be provided with the opportunity to do independent work at a research lab in the New York metropolitan area. Students will be expected to enter their projects in the school-wide science fair, as well as other competitions such as the Intel Science Talent Search, Otto Burgdorf Competition, and the New York City Science and Engineering Fair. Please click on this link for more information.
College Level Research Classes (SUPA I and II)
Through our partnership with Syracuse University and the Syracuse University Project Advance (SUPA)  our MSTAR students in their third and fourth year can now complete research and gain Syracuse University college credits. 
Murrow launched its robotics team in 2015 with the support of our students. We registered as a team for competitions in September 2015. The robotics team competes in First Robotics and US Navy Sea Perch. The team uses various aspects of science, technology, engineering and mathematics to process, create and to progress in building a robot. Our engineering classes were first offered in Spring 2016. Students build teamwork skills though challenges. Student acquire skills to help them in their future endeavors, computer modeling, creative thinking, communications, leadership, teamwork, iteration and more.  

​Make astronomy part of your school year! Schedule a visit to the Edwin P. Hubble Planetarium, which has been serving our students and the community since 1979.  Click here to go to the Planetarium page