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Technical Theater

The Technical Theater Program provides a facility, curriculum, and faculty committed to serving students who have an interest in Technical Theater. Students develop knowledge and skills in all aspects of theater through our diverse offering of courses. As part of the larger community of Edward R. Murrow High School, the Technical Theater Program offers students the opportunity to challenge themselves academically as well as through a wide variety of extra-curricular activities. Concentrations in the following areas are possible: Lighting Design/Stage Lighting, Technical Direction/Production & Stage Management, Costume Design/Costuming and Scene Painting.
Students will understand all the different aspects of Set Design. Students will learn the safe use of shop power tools and how to build from drafted plans. Using standard theatrical carpentry and rigging techniques, students produce the scenery for dramas and musicals in black box and proscenium theaters. These courses demand class participation and regular production responsibilities after school involving varied tasks and experiences backstage. These classes build the sets for all of the performances.
Students will learn the basics of the color theory and the difference between fine art painting and painting on a large scale for a theatrical production. Students will learn about the different tools involved with painting on a large scale and how to be creative with a variety of different tools. Various skills such as stenciling, woodgraining, and marbleizing with latex paint will be taught. Students will learn to grid backdrops and recreate painting elevations to scale.  Students will paint the sets for Murrow’s theatrical productions.
Students will learn: the theories and mechanics of stage lighting equipment and electricity; how to read and execute stage lighting plans and cue sheets for school productions; the fundamentals of lighting design - supporting the needs of a script through angle, color, and intensity. These courses demand class participation and regular production responsibilities in lighting. Advanced students will design the lighting plots and cue sheets for Murrow drama and musical productions.
Students will create costumes for Murrow’s theatrical productions. Each student will learn a variety of hand stitching skills as well as the use of a sewing machine. No prior sewing skills are required. Students who continue with this class will have the opportunity to assist in the costume designs of the shows as well as actually designing themselves. Selected students will work on the wardrobe crew during the performances.