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Ms. Candis Pohl, Assistant Principal
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Murrow has the largest and most comprehensive high school music department in Brooklyn.  Students have an opportunity to go beyond the one semester of music needed to fulfill their diploma requirement.  Students can learn how to play the guitar, piano, percussion, a band instrument, an orchestral instrument, or sing in a chorus - without any prerequisite or audition.  As well, with a placement audition, a student may earn a spot in one of our performance ensembles. If you sang or played an instrument in junior high school, we encourage you to continue your studies by participating in one of our many performance classes. Consult with your guidance counselor or the Assistant Principal of Music for an appropriate placement.  Any student interested in pursuing music beyond the minimum graduation requirement, may continue in a sequence of study in the guitar, piano, orchestral, choral or band program.  Also, with permission from a music teacher, any student may take specialized classes in vocal technique, instrumental technique, or music theory (including dictation and sight-singing.)
The Music Institute is an auditioned program for students who are committed to developing their skills in music. Music Institute students will fulfill the requirements for a Chancellor’s Endorsed Arts diploma.  
All course descriptions can be viewed by clicking on the Course Sequence document above.
Click on the Titles of each class below to view a video of their latest performance.
Beginning Band (No Prerequisite)  
Concert Band (By Audition or Department A.P. Approval)

Symphonic Band (By Audition)
Wind Ensemble (By Audition)
Jazz Band (By Audition)
String Orchestra (By Audition or Department A.P. Approval)
Chamber Orchestra (By Audition)
Musical Theater Orchestra (By Audition) 
Beginning Chorus​​​ (No prerequisite)
Junior Chorus (By Audition or Department A.P. Approval)
Senior Chorus (By Audition)
Gospel Chorus (By Audition)  

Treble Chorus (By Audition) 
Chamber Choir​​​ (By Audition - Not offered every term)
Beginning Piano​​​ (No prerequisite) 
Intermediate Piano​​​ (By Teacher Recommendation)
Piano Practicum (By Teacher Recommendation and Department A.P. Approval) 

Beginning Guitar (No prerequisite, Beginners only)
Intermediate Guitar​​​ (By Teacher Recommendation)
Guitar Ensemble (By Audition) 
Beginning Percussion​​​ (No prerequisite)

Music History (No prerequisite)

Band Techniques, String Techniques or Vocal Techniques (1st year course, One full year required- course selection determined by audition track)
Advanced Musicianship & Theory​​​ (2nd year course, One full year required)
Recital & Repertoire (4th year course, One semester required)
Advanced Placement Music Theory (Department A.P. Approval Required)