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Welcome to the Art Department

The role of the Art Department and the Art Institute of Murrow, is to provide a facility, curriculum and faculty committed to serving
students of Murrow. It’s a place where students develop knowledge and skills through participation in a unique community dedicated to arts learning. As part of the larger community of Edward R. Murrow High School, the Art Department offers every single students in the building, the opportunity to challenge themselves academically as well as through a wide variety of activities in the arts, even if they are not in the Art Institute.          
The Art Institute introduces students to working artists, museum internships, apprenticeships and the continuous exposure to the arts in New York City.
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Brooklyn's Mona Lisa-Murrow's Artists in Public View

Steven Paul’s 2014 National Award-winning photograph at 111 Broadway in Williamsburg Brooklyn. Stephen photographed Nina Attal as part of his senior portfolio. This photo went on to win a Scholastic award. Colossal has hand painted this image on a building in WIlliamsburg, Brooklyn. This mural is located at 111 Broadway in Williamsburg Brooklyn.
Auditions this year will look a little different. As we wait for instructions from the DoE, you may choose to prepare a portfolio according to the suggestions outlined in this powerpoint.

​If you cannot get to our "Get Acquainted" evenings, please click on the link below for the presentation regarding our audition process.

Audition Portfolio Samples

Audition drawing samples:
these are actual students' works from their auditions. You will be asked to create drawings like these on your audition date. We will also interview you, review your portfolio and ask you to write an essay comparing two works of art so brush up on all your skills!