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Engineering/Robotics/ Coding

Murrow  currently offers two coding classes through the science department. The first class that was offered was AP Computer Science Principles where students learn to design and evaluate solutions, they apply computer science principles to solve problems that are assigned to them. They learn to develop algorithms and programs to solve problems. They code and create applications. The course work ends with the AP exam. 
The second coding course that is offered is an introductory course in python. This course was designed and made possible by our partnership with Amazon’s Future Engineer Program. Hear more about the Amazon’s Future Engineers course here
engineeringIn Spring 2016, Murrow offered its first engineering class. In this class students build teamwork skills through challenges that included; the tallest paper structures- with one sheet of paper. They created mousetrap cars, tallest spaghetti structures that held a marshmallow on top and popsicle bridges that held the most weight. In the years that followed our engineering class has been recognized by many and has grown- through grants offered by our partners.  
Students acquire skills to help them in their future endeavors, computer modeling, creative thinking, communication, leadership, teamwork, iteration and much more. 



Courses offered in the field of Engineering

BridgesPre-engineering: In this course, students build teamwork skills through challenge projects. Students complete the following tasks: mousetrap vehicles, popsicle stick bridges, egg drop, spaghetti towers and cardboard chairs. Each of these projects have requirements that make the competitions more challenging. They also create their own inventions


Engineering the Future: This course was offered by Activate Learning. There are four units in this course.  In one of the units students learn about 3D software, and how to draw like engineers. In the second unit, they build green homes, with green concrete, and energy efficient homes. In the third unit students create and patent their own vehicle design. In the last unit students learn about electricity. 

Robotics: In this course students learn to build and code robots using Cubelets, Boe bots, Pi tops and Lego EVs. 

Robotics Self Contained: In this class students learn basic skills using challenge projects like reverse building Automatons. Then they put those skills to work and learn to code through Cubelets and then move on to coding with Lego EVs. Where they are in competitions with other students to build and code a robot that successfully makes it through a maze. 


Our engineering students get opportunities to help around the school and to present in STEM competitions and opportunities. Our students have presented their creations in the Intrepid Sea, Air  and Space museum and other symposiums. They have helped the school design our Diversity Wave props and have helped create a hydroponics system made completely from recyclable materials for our greenhouse. 

Robotics Club

clubEdward R. Murrow High School launched its robotics club in March of 2015. With growing popularity and enthusiasm from our students. We first registered as a team for a competition in September 2015.Our Robotics team competes in the First Robotics and  US Navy Sea Perch. Today, our club has enough members to make two teams; Shark Bytes and our veteran team the Octo Pi.

Robotics is a small community at Edward R. Murrow High School. Using various aspects of science, technology, engineering and mathematics to process, create, and to progress in the parts of building a robot and other programs related to Robotics. We divide the branches of Robotics into three parts: engineering, programming, and technical writing. We are made of young professionals in the 14-18 year old range with diverse talents and skills. We work together with the Murrow community to spread awareness and support each other in need.

Our Mission:

  • Spread STEM into our School and inspire other students to pursue this career field.
  • To work alongside others who share our passion.
  • To teach engineering, and programming
  • Expanding our club and its popularity.
  • Click on link to see the club in action

Our Achievements:

First Tech Challenge Awards:
¨ Judges Award: For Inspiring Science and Technology in the Community—Octo Pi¨
Fourth Place in Semi– Finals—Octo Pi¨
Judges Awards– Shark Byte
Sea Perch Awards:
¨ 2017 NYC Sea Perch Regional Best Engineering Notebook High School
First Tech Challenge Awards:
¨ Connect Award– Shark Byte
¨ Second Place in Finals– Shark Byte
Sea Perch Awards:
¨ The US Navy Sea Perch Best Design Award¨ Fastest Time Trial

Our Journey as a Family

Club Meeting“Murrow Robotics includes students from all different backgrounds. We are just a family of nerds who eat a lot of  7/11 pizza.” - Ms. DiLacqua
“Robotics is an amazing hands – on opportunity for students to come together and explore their interests in STEM.” - Juliana Paton, ‘17 Senior
“Honestly  at first I was drawn to Robotics because it looks good on college applications, but even from the first day I had fun. I’ve learned a lot from really nice people.” - Sydney Goldberg, ‘17 Senior
“Robotics can enrich your understanding of STEM and replace any preconceived notions you might have about a robotics club. It’s an experience you should be eager to take on!” - Robotics Team

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