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Murrow Med Certificate

What is it?

Our Murrow Med Certificate is awarded to students who are interested in careers related to medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, psychiatry, veterinary medicine or pure research and have excelled in their science courses. Students that are interested in receiving a Murrow Med Certificate must complete six years of science study at Murrow. Six years of Science totals to 12 credits in science. Within this six-year sequence, students must double –up on science by taking Living Environment, Chemistry & Physics, one year of Advanced Placement science, two semesters of Murrow Med electives, and one additional year that may be Earth Science, a second AP course or additional electives. Prior to graduation; Seniors and graduating Juniors MUST apply to receive the Murrow Med Certificate. This is done by filing a Murrow Med Certificate form with the science Department to verify completion of the above requirements. Students will be eligible for special awards at graduation. Please note that no JHS courses are accepted.

****Please note that some of these requirements have been amended due to the limitations brought forth by the pandemic.  Please check with your Counselor or the AP of Science for more information****

Sample Timeline

Time Class(es)
Freshman Year Living Environment or Chemistry or Earth Science
Sophomore Year Chemistry or Earth Science or Physics
Junior Year Physics AND Murrow Med Elective(s) or AP Science
Senior Year AP Science or Murrow Med Elective(s) or Earth Science
Senior Year- April Obtain application and file with the A.P. of Science

How to calculate the number of required years?

Course Taken
Number of Semesters Counts as...
Regents Classes: (Living Environment, Chemistry, Physics, Earth Science) 2 Semesters 1 Year
Elective Classes (Year long): (Sustainability, Marine Science, Forensics, and others) 2 Semesters 1 Year
Elective Classes (Half Year): (Organic Chemistry, Anatomy & Phys, Genetics and others) 1 Semester 1/2 Year
AP Science Classes (Double Period): (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and others)
2 Semesters 2 Years
APES & SUPA Courses (Single or Double Period) - One year credit per period
2 Semesters 1 or 2 Yrs
MSTAR Classes (1 3/4 periods): (Living Environment, Chemistry and Physics) 2 Semesters  1 ½ Years


Sample Application