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MSTAR - Murrow Science Technology And Research


What is MSTAR?

  • MSTAR is a four year rigorous lab based science research program at Murrow. 
  • MSTAR students acquire advanced scientific concepts and research techniques that will allow them to successfully obtain the necessary skills to conduct research under the guidance of college professors.
  • All MSTAR classes are honor, enrichment classes where students also obtain technical writing and presentation skills. 
  • MSTAR students successfully compete in many city-wide and national STEM competitions in their sophomore, junior and senior years.
  • The MSTAR program provides opportunities for students to embark on industrial and academic internships and prepares them to be college and career ready.
  • These unique opportunities give MSTAR students a clear advantage to outperform their peers in life beyond Murrow.
  • Please note that accepted students must remain in the program for at least two (2) years and maintain an 85 average to remain in the program. 

MSTAR’s Mission


Our goal is to provide our students with not just an excellent education, but also offer:

  • New and exciting avenues for research and development through our partnership- with NASA, AMNH, Google, NYU Arise, and Intrepid- in addition to other academic and scientific entities.
  • New and innovative ways to redefine our craft in order to effectively impact our knowledge and passion for science to the next generation of thoughtful, inventive and enthusiastic scholars.
  • Constantly challenge ourselves to continue to create opportunities that bridge academia, industry and scientific communities.
  • Empower all of our students to make their own meaningful mark in our world.


  • Google Code Next Summer Internship
  • Columbia School of Engineering Paid STEM Internships
  • NYU Tandem ARISE Summer Research Program
  • NYU Langone Clinical Research Summer Internship
  • American Museum of Natural History Summer Research Program
  • NYC Parks Coastal Classroom Summer Internship
  • Amazon Future Engineer Summer Internship
  • Summer Internships at NY Aquarium
  • Barnard College Summer STEM program
  • NASA’s Summer Internships & Scholarships
  • St. Francis College Summer Science Academy
  • Many Research Opportunities for NYC High School Students

Accomplishments: (2018-2019)

  • Best Science Fair ever! – 59 projects in total presented
  • Submission to NYCSEF: 38 projects
  • NYCSEF accepted 31 projects and 5 made it to the final round
  • NYCSEF First Award went to Murrow!
  • American Chemical Society accepted 11 INTEL projects.
  • Fourteen of our students presented at the Intrepid Girls in Science & Engineering
  • Twenty three of our students presented at the Superintendent’s STEAM Symposium
  • Nineteen students presented at ACTSO – Murrow won 13 medals in total
    • 8 gold, 3 silver and 2 bronze
    • 7 students going to Nationals!!
  • Sun Works -Youth of the Millennium STEM Symposium accepted 8 projects.
MSTAR’s Program Outline

Links to Student Work:

For More Information:
Please Contact: NYCSEF
Mr. Carlos Reyes, AP Science
718-258-9283 Ext. 3850
Ms. Raywattie Chan
MSTAR Coordinator
718-25809283 Ext. 4800
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