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MSTAR - Murrow Science Technology And Research


What is MSTAR?

  • MSTAR is a four year rigorous lab based science research program at Murrow. 
  • MSTAR students acquire advanced scientific concepts and research techniques that will allow them to successfully obtain the necessary skills to conduct research under the guidance of college professors.
  • All MSTAR classes are honor, enrichment classes where students also obtain technical writing and presentation skills. 
  • MSTAR students successfully compete in many city-wide and national STEM competitions in their sophomore, junior and senior years.
  • The MSTAR program provides opportunities for students to embark on industrial and academic internships and prepares them to be college and career ready.
  • These unique opportunities give MSTAR students a clear advantage to outperform their peers in life beyond Murrow.

MSTAR’s Mission


Our goal is to provide our students with not just an excellent education, but also offer:

  • New and exciting avenues for research and development through our partnership- with NASA, AMNH, Google, NYU Arise, and Intrepid- in addition to other academic and scientific entities.
  • New and innovative ways to redefine our craft in order to effectively impact our knowledge and passion for science to the next generation of thoughtful, inventive and enthusiastic scholars.
  • Constantly challenge ourselves to continue to create opportunities that bridge academia, industry and scientific communities.
  • Empower all of our students to make their own meaningful mark in our world.


  • Google Code Next Summer Internship
  • Columbia School of Engineering Paid STEM Internships
  • NYU Tandem ARISE Summer Research Program
  • American Museum of Natural History Summer Research Program
  • NYC Parks Coastal Classroom Summer Internship
  • Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai 2019 HS Summer Program
  • Summer Internships at NY Aquarium
  • Barnard College Summer STEM program
  • NASA’s Summer Internships & Scholarships
  • St. Francis College Summer Science Academy
  • Many Research Opportunities for NYC High School Students

Accomplishments: (2018-2019)

  • Best Science Fair ever! – 59 projects in total presented
  • Submission to NYCSEF: 38 projects
  • NYCSEF accepted 31 projects and 5 made it to the final round
  • NYCSEF First Award went to Murrow!
  • American Chemical Society accepted 11 INTEL projects.
  • Fourteen of our students presented at the Intrepid Girls in Science & Engineering
  • Twenty three of our students presented at the Superintendent’s STEAM Symposium
  • Nineteen students presented at ACTSO – Murrow won 13 medals in total
    • 8 gold, 3 silver and 2 bronze
    • 7 students going to Nationals!!
  • Sun Works -Youth of the Millennium STEM Symposium accepted 8 projects.
MSTAR’s Program Outline

Links to Student Work:

For More Information:
Please Contact: NYCSEF
Mr. Howie Wong
MSTAR Coordinator
718-258-9283 Ext. 4030
Please click here for a brochure.