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Greenhouse/Sustainability/CEA Program

Green HouseEdward R. Murrow Science is blessed to have a newly renovated greenhouse. The greenhouse has the latest technology of hydroponics and aquaponics systems that brings our greenhouse to the 21st century. 

The renovations were made possible by the grants that were provided by the Office of Borough President Eric Adams, New York Power Authority and Sun Works. Thanks to our partnerships with New York Power Authority and Sun Works we are able to get grants to help our students learn about sustainability. 

Benefits of a Hydroponics system:

  1. Maximizes space to grow more agriculture.
  2. Conserves Water
  3. Facilitates a micro-climate
  4. Produces more; higher yields
  5. Needs no soil
  6. Greater Quality produce 
  7. Faster growth of produce

Benefits of an Aquaponics system:

  1. Organic and Nutritional Benefits: healthier produce
  2. Crops are grown all year.
  3. Conserves Water
  4. No soil, no weeding
  5. Faster produce growth
  6. Reduced Planet’s Carbon Footprint
  7. Supports a self -sufficient way of living
Before  After
Green after greenhouse


Our greenhouse has opened up many opportunities for our diverse students. Everyone benefits from learning from and using the greenhouse, examples of courses that use the green are MSTAR research, regents courses and electives like - Sustainability, Engineering, Horticulture, and the Flower Shop.

Our Greenhouse in the News

Our Greenhouse has made its debut in Media….click on the links below for the articlesGreenhouse opening


For More Information:

Ms. Virginia Gee-Sullivan
Greenhouse Coordinator
718-258-9283 Ext. 3810


sustainabilityEdward R. Murrow has a Sustainability Club and class. In Sustainability students explore how human beings can continue to improve international standards of living without causing irreversible damage to the earth’s limited natural resources.  While this sustainability is grounded in science and technology, it also will incorporate sociology, economics, politics, ethics, and philosophy.
Our students work together with the school community and the larger community to build awareness and help clean the environment. They have participated in Beach clean ups, have set up tables to help raise awareness in sustainability and have started the zero waste initiative at our school. Our students have attended symposiums to present their work to the larger community as well. Please click on the link to learn about their efforts.
Is any form of agriculture where the environment is highly controlled by the farmer.  This includes greenhouse, hydroponics, and aquaponics. Our hands-on hydroponic CTE certification program/elective curriculum will provide students with the seed-to-harvest technical skills for growing food in an indoor
hydroponic farm setting.

The goal is to provide students with the skills needed to directly enter into the industry (e.g. through internships or job with a hydroponic farming company) or to pursue further study through an Indoor Agriculture post-secondary program.