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Arrival in School

Arrival in School 
Entrance to School - In order to enhance school security, only two entrances are opened starting at 7:15 AM: East 17th Street and the entrance on Chestnut Avenue (the entrance on Chestnut is primarily for students arriving on a school bus).  You must swipe your ID card at the scanning computer when you enter. If you forget your photo ID card, you may only enter through Chestnut Avenue to get a 1-day temporary ID slip. Keep your temporary ID slip because it is your ID card for the day to present to staff when asked.

NOTE: NYPD conducts daily truancy sweeps. If students are not in school on time, students may be brought to track centers where parental contact is made for pick-up. (Youth referrals are issued).

Lateness to School - If you are less than 25 minutes late just go promptly to your classroom where the subject teacher will mark you late. After 8:45 AM you may only enter the building through the East 17th Street entrance.

​Lateness to Class - You are allowed approximately three minutes to travel from one subject class to another. Lateness to subject class disrupts instruction and will have an adverse affect on your classwork and overall achievement in the subject.