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OPtional Time Activities - You have the right to make decisions as to how you will wisely use your optional time (OPTA). You have the responsibility to use this time judiciously.
If you are a senior with senior privileges, you can spend your OPTAS in the lobby, or any of the designated areas. 
If you are not a senior or do not have senior privileges, you can spend your OPTAs in one of the designated areas: the library in Room 224, the student suite in 285 (if your are 285 eligible - it will say it on your program card), the lunchroom, the outdoor courtyard (D, E, F, and G Bands - weather permitting), the auditorium, or you can  work in an office, participate in a club activity, attend a resource center, take courses in Independent Study, or obtain tutoring. 
You have the responsibility to behave appropriately in hallways/café during OPTA. You are required to remain in the school building during your Optional Time. If you are outside of the school building during the school day, you place yourself at risk of harm since you can no longer be safely supervised by school authorities. You also risk an encounter with police assigned to truancy patrols. Kolbert Park is off limits during school hours as per the NYPD - 70th Precinct. Students must carry their program card and ID to prove they have been dismissed from school. Students who leave and re-enter the building during the school day will be disciplined, ranging from an official warning to detention to suspension for repeated infractions.