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OPtional Time Activities during Lunch Period
OPtional Time Activities (OPTAs) –All students are programmed for a lunch period but have the OPtion to utilize that Time by participating in a series of school approved Activities. You can spend your OPTAs in one of the designated areas: the library in Room 224, you can work in an office, participate in a club activity, attend a resource center, take courses in Independent Study (MILE), or obtain tutoring.

  •  Students are to report to their programmed lunch area first and receive a pass from the lunchroom to go to the library (room 224) or tutoring center (room 241). 
  • If you are volunteering your time to work in an office or involved with a school activity, and it has been approved by the teacher supervising the activity, you can report to the room where the activity is being held during your lunch period.  
Students are not permitted to be in the hallway or undesignated/unsupervised areas.

Murrow is not an open campus site. Once entering Murrow High School, students are required to remain in the school building until their school day is over.  Food or other deliveries are not permitted for any student in the building. Any delivery made to a student will be confiscated.
If you are outside of the school building during the school day, you place yourself at risk of harm since you can no longer be safely supervised by school authorities. You also risk an encounter with police assigned to truancy patrols. Kolbert Park is off limits during school hours as per the NYPD - Precinct. Students must carry their program card and ID to prove they have been dismissed from school. Students who leave and re-enter the building during the school day will be disciplined, ranging from an official warning to detention to suspension for repeated infractions.  
Students can leave Murrow when their school day is over. Students may re-enter Murrow after their day is over to participate in an afterschool activity such as club meetings, rehearsals, PSAL related activities, school sponsored everts, etc. Upon re-entry, students must furnish their ID card and program to School Safety and/or Administration.