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Identification Cards

You have the responsibility to carry your program card and wear your photo identification card at all times, and must pass the ID card through a scanner to be admitted to school each day. In addition you must show your ID and/or program to any teacher, school safety personnel, school aide or other school official when asked. Your program card and photo ID card must be shown to obtain entrance to the library, cafeteria or 285 suite during an OPTA band.. If you lose your ID card, you must sign up for a replacement in Room 103. A temporary ID or program card will be issued pending the issuance of a permanent replacement. Your parent/guardian will be advised that there will be a charge for future replacements which will cost $1 for regular ID cards, and more for senior IDs. Duplicate program cards are available in room 143. But you must present your ID card to get a new copy of your program card. If you don't bring your ID card to school, you will given a temporary ID card when you enter the building. Keep that with you all day.