Policies and general information » Lockers


All students are permitted to have a hall locker based on availability. The school does not have enough lockers for all students.  Registration for student lockers is done each June for the following year, so freshmen do not get lockers, except in very unusual or special circumstances.  Lockers in the Music Wing are also registered by the Assistant Principal in room A19. You may only use a combination lock issued by the school.  You may not use a classroom locker. You have the responsibility of using your gym locker ONLY during your gym band. Only students enrolled in physical education classes may use a gym locker.  Valuables must not be kept in lockers. In order to safeguard your possessions, you have the responsibility not to give your locker combination to another student. Lockers are provided for storage of textbooks, notebooks, and school supplies when they are not in use. They are not to be used to safeguard valuable items. Lockers are the property of the school and can be searched without permission if there is reasonable suspicion that forbidden materials are concealed. When you use your locker, be aware of others who are around who can see your combination. You must double check the security of the lock before you leave the locker. If you have a broken locker, report this to Room 103 to have it repaired by the custodial staff. Report theft or locker break-ins in Room 103.