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During the programming process which begins on Course Selection Day, you are required to select classes for the next semester. You will have two opportunities to make changes:
1. At the scheduled meeting with the Guidance Counselor during the two week course interview period.
2. On the white Student Request Verification Information Card (SRV)

When you elect an advanced class in Foreign Language (ex: Spanish Level IV), or senior AP English, your commitment is for at least 2 semesters. To drop a course in the Business Department you must have prior permission from the Business Assistant Principal in Room 476.

When a new semester begins, there are no program changes except when:
a. The Assistant Principal of the department approves the change in writing and it is given to the counselor.
b. A medically documented physical problem exists and a doctor's note is presented to the guidance counselor and Assistant Principal Guidance (a parent's note is unacceptable) for medically excused gym.
c. You are in the wrong level of the class.
d. There is a conflict between two classes selected.
e. There is a missing class.
f. The class had already been passed.

​Program changes are only permitted for these reasons during the first five days of a semester. Classes will not be changed or dropped later or at the end of a semester because you didn't get the grade you want, need or expected or the class didn't meet your expectations. If you drop a class and you have fewer than the required classes on your program card (seven classes; or for seniors in the first semester, six classes and in the second semester, five classes), you must pick up a new class.

​Guidance counselors are the only staff members who can make program changes. Teachers do not have the authority to drop a student from their classes.
College Now and PM School do not satisfy the minimum number of classes. Students must take a physical education class each semester they are in school except during the semester they take health classes even if they have completed their physical education requirements. This is a New York State requirement.
Seniors may request an alternate schedule if they currently have a job. This is done only if the senior brings in a letter on the employer's letterhead stationery documenting that the senior has a job. It must be presented during the programming sequence the previous semester. Letters brought in at the beginning of a semester may not be processed if there is no space available. However, during the Fall semester seniors will be allowed to request an alternate schedule during the first week of that semester. The request will be granted only if there is space available in classes. ALL OTHER STUDENTS ARE EXPECTED TO BE IN SCHOOL UNTIL THE END OF THEIR LAST CLASS ON THEIR PROGAM. We are sorry that we cannot accommodate freshmen, sophomores and juniors with this privilege but class size will not permit it.